About US Learn about T.J. Thomson, Ph.D., and the Cenevox® Brand.

T.J. Thomson, Ph.D., is an award-winning visual journalist, editor, and researcher. His professional work has been featured in top international wire services and news agencies, including The Associated Press, The Washington Post, and The Huffington Post.


His research focuses primarily on the visual aspects of mediated communication systems, such as journalism and social media, and the sense-making practices of actors within them. Relationships, such as those between imager and imaged, intrigue him as do self-representations in networked media contexts. To study these empirical questions, he draws on scholarship from social psychology, sociology, and visual studies through primarily qualitative approaches.


He earned a master’s degree in photojournalism with a thesis that explored how subject reactivity influences visual journalism and a doctoral degree from the Missouri School of Journalism, where he studied visual communication and the psychology of media production.


Thomson is a lecturer in digital journalism at QUT and a member at its Digital Media Research Centre. He has served as the associate editor of Visual Communication Quarterly since 2017 and is on the advisory board of the Society for Phenomenology and Media.


Thomson founded CENEVOX® LLC in early 2013 as his flagship brand to represent his imaging interests and unify his professional presentation to his growing audience. The company provides digital imaging services, including documentary photography and graphic design, to clients from coast to coast.


CENEVOX mission statement:


  • Anyone can press the shutter and create a grid of pixels. We do more.


  • Informed by classical art education and coupled with the dedication and drive that photojournalism demands, Cenevox® LLC brings you powerfully simple, precise, and dynamic media.


  • The world is a messy place, filled with a myriad of lights, colors, textures, and shapes. Whether through photography, visual editing, or design, we cut through clutter and draw on only the elements that elevate your message. We highlight these and bring them to the surface so your message, not the distractions, are what your audience notices.


  • We do all this with uncompromising professionalism and respect.


We look forward to hearing the details of your project. To request a quote, please email us at contact@cenevox.com or fill out our contact form.

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